Evolution Project

About the Evolution Project

Scientists around the world are collaborating to build the Tree of Life, which is a genealogy of how all species are related. The task at hand is enormous and they need your help to collect data on millions of living and fossil species. Ultimately they all should be included!

Day to day, scientists compare species and record observations about all aspects of a species’ biology, including their bones, their cell structure, their behavior, and their physiology. This amounts to thousands upon thousands of observations that must be recorded. These are later analyzed to build the Tree of Life. Once scientists have the Tree, or parts of it, they can then work backwards to ask such interesting questions as – did flight evolve before echolocation in bats? did seeds evolve before flowers? what bacterial structures evolved together?

You can help by joining the project and surveying the very same data (in images) that the scientists use. We have thousands of images to go through to compare species and we ask you to compare two species at a time for one feature and tell us which category to put it in. Working together we will track as much biodiversity as we can.